Are you looking to achieve the gold standard?

21 / 09 / 2012

Are you looking to achieve the gold standard?

This summer we saw the hard work of our athletes reach a pinnacle. Success in the Tour de France was been followed by the greatest show on earth in the Olympic games. This has not happened overnight. Investment by the Government and the sports’ governing bodies has reaped its rewards, and they must now look towards creating a lasting legacy for future generations. Haslams has been pleased to assist a number of local schools and clubs in achieving their objective in the provision of new sporting facilities.

One such project is the new water sports facility for The Eyot Centre in Henley. Funding came from a number of sources including the Sports Lottery and the local authority and now provides a valuable facility for local schools and clubs.

The firm also designed and project managed a new sports hall for Hemdean House School, Caversham.

In addition to this Haslams are currently working to deliver a new £2m sports centre for The Marist School in Sunninghill. The school has a history of sporting excellence and has seen many of its pupils achieve sporting honours at both national and international level.

Both facilities were designed to meet the school’s curriculum needs and will also benefit the local community with the facilities being made available for use by local clubs. Sport has always been an important part of the school curriculum. Its benefit as a contributor to the general health of pupils in both body and mind has always been recognised. A career in sport has in the past not always been considered viable though. Today nothing can be further from the truth. As an indication of its importance Sport England plans to invest over £1 billion of National Lottery and Exchequer funding between 2012 and 2017 in organisations and projects.

Sport today has extended out of the world of the enthusiastic amateur. Our elite sportsmen and women of today are professionals. Behind them is a sophisticated team of professionally qualified sports coaches, physiotherapists, nutritionists, managers and scientists. Their every move is reported upon by sports commentators and an army of media technicians. It’s big business.

With its development has come sophistication in the way sport is taught in schools and sports clubs. Facilities are being improved to allow delivery of a much improved curriculum. Like any class room a sports hall needs to be stimulating, have a good level of comfort providing adequate ventilation, heating, lighting and sound insulation. All of these facets affect performance of both the coaches and the pupils striving to be the elite athletes of the future.

Parents looking for the right school for their children will critically assess the facilities before making a decision. A good quality sports facility is an impressive feature and one seen by parents and grand parents as an indication of the school’s commitment to their child’s education.

Keith Walker of Haslams commented “From the school’s perspective providing a new sports facility is a major investment decision that will impact the school for the lifetime of the building – perhaps 60 years or more. The capital investment cost is high. However as with all buildings the running costs over the life of the building will be higher so it’s important to get the building’s specification right. Compliance with the current building regulations and the guidance of the sports governing body are basic requirements. It should also inspire, create a good educational environment for all and along the way produce another gold medal winning athlete.”

Haslams has built a reputation for providing sound specialist assistance and advice to local schools and sport clubs in building and maintaining their facilities. This has included acquiring land as well as planning, funding, design and maintenance of buildings. If you have a project in mind and need some advice or assistance we may be able to help.

Tanya Le Sueur

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Tanya Le Sueur